Manage the GPS location info of your photos in a few clicks or delete it in EXIF to protect your privacy.

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Made for iOS Photos

PhotoMapper is build to updates location info in your iOS Photo Library accross all your devices via sync.

GPS tags always correct and never missed

Easily add or modify location info of your photos in the iOS library with simple placing pin on map. Never missed it in case of DSLR usage or by any other reason. Since now it will be always correct and never missed.

Protect your privacy by erased location

Prepare photos for social sharing with erased GPS location info in EXIF. Keep the original photo for you and create a copy without any mark of the location info (geotagging) in EXIF metadata for sharing pupose with reinforce of your privacy.

Batch photo edition

Edit multiple photos in a few clicks the fast and easy way. Forget about single selection.

Video Support

PhotoMapper perfectly works with video in your iOS Photos library.

Find all photo with missed location

Easily find all photos without location in one click.

Copy location info

Now you can copy location from one photo to as many other photos as you wish.

Universal iOS app

It's a universal app, which you buy once and can use on all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

Made by Nikolay Fiantsev